Blue Swan

Flisacka Street 3, close to Kosciuszki street, entrance through Niebieski Art Hotel & Spa, 30-114 Krakow, Poland ID 680982

Ціни на номери

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Загальний опис

Blue Swan is an unique place combining an above-average standard of services, an affordable price and a picturesque location - away from the hustle and bustle, and at the same time close to the most important historical and cultural attractions.
Blue Swan is an object with guest rooms located in the charming district of Krakow - Salwator, near the Vistula Boulevards. Most of them admire the river and the picturesque, forested area, while the other rooms have a view of the garden. Guests will appreciate primarily the intimate nature, cozy interiors, which have been designed with the aim of providing you with the best possible conditions for relaxation.
The rooms have a modern magnetic card door opening system to provide guests with comfort and safety. There is also free internet access, satellite TV, tea and coffee making facilities, mineral water and a minibar.
We provide you with the highest standard of service and we care for the full comfort of stay, which is why it is an ideal place for guests traveling on business and tourist.
Staff can arrange airport transfers and excursions, as well as book tickets. Additionally, business meetings can be organized in our conference rooms.
Each morning, we recommend starting with an excellent breakfast buffet composed of products from local suppliers in the Vanilla Sky restaurant located on the third floor. From 12:00, Vanilla Sky invites you to international, Polish and fusion specialties. The Fresco restaurant pampers guests with delicious Italian cuisine. What's more, it has two rooms and a garden, which allows you to cut off from the everyday hustle and bustle of daily life and warm up the dishes. The attention of children is provided by the playground, equipped with in a slide, swings, sandpit or mini climbing wall, and on selected days the youngest can participate in organized animations and workshops.
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