Wyndham Durango

401 EAST 2nd AVE 81301 ID 133421

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Common description

A town where people are authentic, warm and down to earth, Durango offers endless recreational opportunities, a rich history and modern day luxuries. Located near the Four Corners junction, Durango sits at 6512 feet, nestled between red sandstone bluffs in the Animas River Valley. Shopping facilities can be found at the Centennial Centre (around 480 m away) and in Cortez (around 72 km away). Nearby attractions include Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad (around 10 minutes' drive), Mesa Verde National Park (around 71 minutes' drive), Durango Soaring Club (around 10 minutes' drive) and Fort Lewis College (around 6 minutes' drive).||The air-conditioned club resort offers 36 rooms and modern day luxuries with an atmosphere of Old West America. Guests are welcomed in a lobby with 24-hour reception and check-out service. Additional facilities at this non-smoking resort include a hotel safe, lift access and an on-site laundry service. Guests arriving by car may leave their vehicle in the hotel car park.||The 1-bedroom condo sleeps up to 4 guests and offers a king-size bed in a private bedroom, a sofa bed in the living area and a mini kitchen with a fridge, cooker, microwave and tea and coffee making facilities. All rooms are en suite with shower, bath and hairdryer. Additional facilities include a direct dial telephone, satellite/cable TV, radio, hi-fi and Internet access. An ironing set, individually regulated air conditioning/heating and a balcony or terrace also feature as standard.||The hotel has a heated indoor swimming pool and a gym. Guests may also enjoy use of sun loungers, a hot tub and a sauna. Additional recreational activities available for a fee include horse riding, biking and entertainment programmes for adults and children. Hillcrest Golf Course (fees apply) is around 4.7 km away and Chapman Hill Municipal Ski Area is around 3.7 km away.
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