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Common description

Hotel Xcaret Mexico Tierra Family Premier All Inclusive

-All Parks included (Xcaret, Xplor, Xplor Fuego, Xenses, Xoximilco, Xel-Ha, Xenotes, Xichen) with our FUN ALL INCLUSIVE program
-Shuttle Airport- Hotel- Airport every 30 min & Transportation every 30 minutes
-Check in On the Go®
-Transportation every 30 minutes between Hotel & Parks to Xcaret, Xplor, Xplor Fuego & Xenses)

  • -Discover beautiful rivers, private & semi-private coves and white sand beaches
    -Private check-in at Casa Grande
    -Luggage packing and un-packing assistance
    -Butler and concierge service
    -Swim in our infinity pools
    -Discover our gastronomy in 9 restaurants and 7 bars
    -Enjoy non-motorized sports like: snorkel, kayak and paddle board
    -Exclusive access to Snack Bar Las Playas
    -Preferred seats at Teatro del Rio and La Trajinera restaurants
    -Enjoy a 25-minutes relaxing Mayan massage per stay
    -Experience unique adventures with your personal experience designer
    -Perform fun activities in our Kids & Teens Club and for the little ones
    -Special amenities and Mexican native bedtime stories
    -With our All View Suites concept, you will have the opportunity to appreciate the nature of the Mexican Caribbean from any point of our 181 rooms of Hotel Xcaret Mexico Tierra.

  • Hotel Xcaret Mexico Casa Tierra is not only a hotel, it is a destination rich in history, nature and entertainment. Surprising experiences will leave a mark the memory of our guests; The luxury of experiencing an enchanted, mystical and amusing space, impregnated with hospitality and warmth.

  • In Casa Tierra live up an innovative relaxing and family fun experience. We know every member of your family is special, hence we have designed unique activities and personalized amenities which will transform your vacation experience.

  • -We join Mexican hospitality to the highest technology in the TODO FLUYE® service.
    -Tribute to MEXICANITY, we are ambassadors of our culture and traditions.
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