NA PRIKOPE 131 ID 568114

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Common description

HOTEL: This hotel is in a historic building, was built in the 16th Century, has 43 rooms, 4 floors, a lobby with an elevator, a reception, a safety deposit box service, a currency exchange service, a cloakroom and a sitting area. Regarding the food and beverage offering, the establishment has a cosy bar and a classy à la carte restaurant. It has conference rooms and conference facilities. There are many services available at the establishment, including room service, a laundry service and a medical care service.

SITUATION: It is inPraha the city centre of a few minutes walk away, you can find monuments, shops and pubs. in the surrounding area of the establishment, clients can find Wenceslao the Square of the historic centre ,the Jewish quarter and Hradčany it is situated 1 kilometre away from Prazsky Hrad It is situated 2 kilometres away from the establishment is 10 kilometres away from the airport.

ROOM: Each room has a bathroom with a shower, a bath, a hairdryer, a direct line telephone, internet, a satellite or cable television, a mini-bar, a safety deposit box (available for a fee), individual air-conditioning, individual heating and a double or king-size bed. large suites with a living room and have a bathroom, with jacuzzi.

PAYMENT METHODS: Customers can pay using credit cards, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, JCB and EC.

OTHERS: Regarding the food and beverage provision, the establishment offers a buffet breakfast, an à la carte lunch and an à la carte or set-menu dinner.
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