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Common description

The Balthazar Design Hotel is an embodiment of a dream of a truly remarkable place in Kraków coming true – both for those travelling on business as well as those visiting Kraków for its tourist and cultural appeal. An apparently modest historic town house at Grodzka street, opposite St. Martin's Church with the Baroque Saints Peter and Paul Church in the vicinity. Today's building dates back to the 1870s when it took shape following a conversion and an expansion of the oldest utility and gate buildings which in turn can be traced back to the 16th century. The contemporary, delightfully designed and outstandingly furnished hotel facilities bring to mind boutique hotels in New York and London. An eclectic design, top quality materials, complementary colours and sublime details. You will find 25 cosy, elegant rooms overlooking The Royal Route, historic churches, Wawel or a courtyard with a garden at the Balthazar Design Hotel. An eclectic design, top quality materials, complementary colours and sublime details come together to make each one of the rooms unique. The heart of the city – The Royal Route with the Balthazar Design Hotel where guests are whisked off to an incredible world, with a discernible atmosphere of intimacy and breathing space.
And the Fiorentina Restaurant is an ideal complement to Balthazar. It was instrumental in defining the attractiveness of this site. Winner of numerous prizes, such as the main prize of the Academy of Gastronomy and the Wine & Food Noble Night audience award, it enjoys widespread recognition. Guests are taken on a surprising culinary journey within these eclectic interiors and picturesque garden.
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